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Only Up is a hardcore platformer title that requires players to exercise patience even amidst frustration. As Jackie, your goal is to escape from poverty and reach the top without falling. When Jackie falls, you’ll end up in the slums. Area traversal can get tricky, given the game’s gradual difficulty increase. However, lags and performance issues are detrimental to the overall player experience.

In the game, you control Jackie, a teenage protagonist, who aims to climb out of poverty by navigating through a challenging maze of pipes, railroads, and trains suspended in the air.

One notable aspect of the game is that it doesn't have a checkpoint or save system. If you fall, you'll have to start from the beginning and work your way back up. This design choice makes it more challenging and may not be appealing to players with limited free time or those who prefer more casual gaming experiences.

Only Up! begins in the slums, and you must find an elevator to reach higher ground. Progressing through the game involves running on narrow pipes, climbing or jumping on objects, and utilizing different elements to ascend. The difficulty gradually increases as you advance, and even minor mistakes can result in being sent back to the starting point. The game emphasizes patience and perseverance, encouraging slow and steady progress.

As a niche title, Only Up! caters to a specific player base and requires a significant time investment. One drawback mentioned is that there can be issues with Jackie getting stuck on objects, which may necessitate restarting. Additionally, lag and performance issues are mentioned, which can affect the overall player experience.

Overall, Only Up! seems to offer a challenging platforming experience with an emphasis on careful progress, but it may not be suitable for players looking for a more casual or time-constrained gaming experience.






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